Social Media Management

From being an information hub to a substantial community - the Internet has come a long way. To connect with these new stripes of internet users, marketers need to engage them on social media platforms such as social networking sites, forums, blogs, wikis, video broadcasting sites, etc. Posting content ten times a day is no longer a buoyant social media strategy. To make your brand successful online, its social media presence needs to develop some connect with the audience using high impact visuals and quality content.

Consider the possibilities of Social Media. One space, where people gather, share, interact and connect with each other. With interactive efforts towards social media activities, your community can build your brand and sustain it.

Why Social Media Management?

Social media is one of the most effective communication and brand building mediums today. For a successful online strategy, you need to choose the right platforms and execute an efficacious social media plan. Engaging posts, tweets, campaigns and other social media activities will further increase brand awareness and escalate word-of-mouth recommendations.

A large percentage of online users pay attention to ads shared by social connections and are most likely to engage with organizations on social media platforms. And so, there is a need for every business to be social now. It ensures active presence of customers on all relevant communities and forums, induces positive PR for the company, ascertains higher search engine rankings and traffic to the site and also assistance in branding.


Digitigi believes in identifying new audiences and creating engagement possibilities between your brand and the customer. We provide analytics and work beyond “likes” and “tweets”.

Our experts manage your social media content and help you strengthen your brand. We target your posts and share compelling content with your customers, so that your social presence remains active, even when you aren’t.

Social Media Advertising works as the front-runner in the digital ad world. We analyze your customer’s sentiments; gather opinions about your brand and come up with effective social media campaigns to help increase your customer base, generate leads and improve brand visibility.

Why Digitigi for Social Media?

At Digitigi, we know how the Social Media Marketing industry works and what works in the industry. We help company’s social presence reach new levels, right from handling your tweets and kicking up your likes to acing your Instagram - we will cover it all.

We are a young creative company with a strong focus on social media marketing. Having a team of social media specialists, we study your brand, fathom its boundaries and develop advertising campaigns accordingly to increase engagement. We at Digitigi, focus on running impressive Facebook ad-campaigns to let consumer understand your brand and create a digital community that instantly improves your sales.

Our social media experts will take your offline credibility online and let you reach out to new customers. Brands need to stride carefully in the social space. And so, our social strategies let you keep a tab on your audience, thereby helping you connect to the right people and do a lot more, within your budget. By utilizing the power of social media, Digitigi will boost your online business in the right direction.

We, at Digitigi, handle integrated social media campaigns and solutions that can bring a quantifiable difference to your business, be in terms of increased online presence, target audience engagement or positive PR. Want to know how? Catch up with us for a cup of coffee and we’ll be happy to explain.

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