Social Media Analytics

Numbers don't lie and can tell you the whole story. Even in this age of free information, public opinion matters and numbers can go a long way in building or breaking your image. Precise and timely information can take you ahead of your competition. Today, Social Media has become a key marketplace and therefore, it is indispensable for businesses to keep a tab on these social channels, audit and evaluate consumer sentiments and maintain a positive brand image in the online space.

Analyzing social media data is significant to discern where you stand in the digital arena and what you should do to improve that position. Social Media Analytics help you see a clear, crisp snapshot of your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, enabling you to track trends and measure growth.

Why Social Media Analytics is a must?

If you want to know where you stand in the competition, Social Media Analytics is important. It will help you understand your performance and gauge your target group’s behavior. A complete evaluation of your marketing campaigns can help you realize the real value of each of your social media platforms.

Social Media Analytics (SMA) is essential as it monitors, measures and increases the effectiveness of your campaign on various channels. A large amount of information can be accessed from social media platforms, including interactions, comments, dislikes, etc. SMA can add context to these interactions, so you can understand and extract valuable insights for your business.

Digitigi's best in class social listening & Monitoring solutions

At Digiti, we can help you gauge and optimize the effect of social media on your business. With our expertise in Social Media Analytics, we can provide you actionable data and market insights that will help you create intelligent strategies to drive the maximum results. Our SMA service can help you identify opportunities and discover how your customers interact and engage with your brand.

Digitigi’s SMA services help businesses connect with the right audience, nurture their relationships with existing customers and strengthen their brand perceptions. Our team of experts help you identify problems and follow a solution-focused approach, to take your brand’s performance to the next level.

In our Social Media Analytics services, we leave no room for errors and can help you make the most informed decisions.

Knowing what to do means you are done with half-the-job! It is then where we roll up our sleeves and start to work. With our efficient resources and relevant experience, we tackle SEO projects and promise quality results. We don’t just improve your Search Engine Result Page (SERP), but will make your website a place for actionable information and real quality that your customers will truly relish and come back for.

On page optimization

On page optimization helps to improve website visibility in search engines by enhancing website's HTML codings, Meta Tags, etc. If done properly, it can also improve the usability of your website, thereby enhancing user retention, and ultimately, augmenting conversions.

Off page optimization

Off-page optimization is an inherent aspect for attaining a top search engine placement. Our experts know what amount of off-page optimization is required and adopt various techniques to get your keywords ranked.
Let us do a top-down analysis of your website and we’ll determine and fix all the missing links. Be it keyword targeting, unoptimized content, on-page / off-page issues, or any other SEO related errors—we will cover you up.

Digitigi’s social analytics offerings
Listening and Monitoring

Are you listening to what your clients have to say on the social web? With our interactive solutions, we’re able to listen to the online mention of your brand, direct and indirect questions from customers, online mentions of your top competitors across billions of web page on a real time basis. We monitor and process this massive amount of social conversation and then apply unique processes to extract meaningful, relevant information from that mountain of data. We will deliver insights about customer segments, preferences, and intent—including information about the source of the social media conversation that can be used to tune or improve campaigns or media buy, identify and engage influencers, or proactively address unanswered customer questions.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

A thorough ORM campaign can do wonders in showcasing the best of you to your target audience! With our ORM service, you can improve your image over the Internet and enhance the visibility of your positive mentions. We can also help you manage criticism, allowing you to address it in the most effective manner. We can listen for positive and negative mentions of your brand, executives, products and services across the Internet and uncover brand advocates and detractors to help you manage potential issues before they escalate.

Customer Service through Social Media

Social media allows your customers to speak and make their voices heard. Providing customer care via phone and email is no longer enough. Our team at Digitigi, can help you build strong relationships with your customers, while also offering the best social customer care possible. Through our cutting-edge solutions, we can identify customer service issues as they emerge, respond in real-time, gather feedback to share with other teams and help you build relationships with customers.

In this social age, brands need to reach out customer’s issues proactively and we help brands to alleviate their customer experience through proactive, personal and real time service on social media channels.

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