About Us

Digitigi is a young, fast-paced, entrepreneurial and innovative digital marketing consulting company with creativity at its heart. Our team of hard-nosed and seasoned professionals comprising of technology consultants, business developers, marketing strategists and creative directors have come up to transform the way our clients see Digital, turning it into a true growth enabler for them.

Sure, we are a digital marketing consultancy - web design, SEO, SEM, branding, marketing and all the usual stuff. But we follow a big picture strategy - we get you noticed, heard and understood which makes us different from others. At Digitigi, we bring the best talent and creative ideas together that are fresh and edgy. From witty words to enthralling videos, we work magic that captivates and compels. We are the creative routes to a digital world where ideas are converted into viable solutions that help our customers meet their business objectives.


Since its inception, Digitigi Technologies has been ceaselessly working with clients in areas that redefine the core of their business. With our client-focused approach, we have consistently remained ahead of the competition and are, therefore, regarded as one of the fastest growing Digitial Marketing companies in India. By following an innovative blend of services and technology, we aim to take digital marketing to the next dimension.

We help organizations grow, expand and meet their business goals through digital marketing. We want all our customers to feel engaged with us, regardless of their nature and size of business. Our innovative portfolio of digital solutions will succour our clients achieve desired results and targeted audience. We serve customers from small to large institutions across all domains such as automobile, real estate, education, manufacturing, FMCG and many more.

Whether it is creating an interactive website, utilizing the right content/marketing tools, SEO/SEM or deploying Google analytics, we help our customers gain the competitive edge they need in this contending business environment. To deliver desired results, we have a successful team of global experts who contribute regularly to Digitigi’s success.

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